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May 13, 2016 Business environmental design, signage, Branding

What’s inside counts

We’re talking about office signage and environmental graphics. Our visit to Chihuly Garden & Glass last month, with its custom paint and beautiful flow, inspired a thoughtful look at environments.

In the business of branding this is the bow, the cherry on top, that last piece of brand equity that ties the whole thing together. When we develop a brand, we work hard to ensure that the branding is as great as the company it supports, so the quality and personality of what you offer can shine for your audience.

Extending that branding to your workspace creates an opportunity to shine with your team. Don't get me wrong, it looks fantastic to anyone that stops by for a visit — but a branded office taps into something we often refer to as the third thing. Any work team will have a couple basic things in common:

  1. They enjoy earning a living
  2. Logistics of any kind — the office location is convenient and/or cool, the job description is exactly what they've been looking for, a friend or connection brought them in, etc.
  3. Why they stay

That third thing can be elusive. We think the third thing at its core, will almost always come down to company culture. Great people will come to you for a variety of reasons, but they stay when it’s a good fit.

When you extend your branding into your space — particularly if you can find ways to involve your team — you invite everyone to get on board with how great you are from the moment they walk into your space.

Here’s a look at a graphic wall we installed recently using equations and notes from an in-house laboratory. We loved the opportunity to feature employee work front and center in such a grand way. We’ll be featuring more branded spaces in the coming weeks, so stay tuned.

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