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January 15, 2014

Creating Successful Partnerships.


When embarking upon a search for a creative partner, take time to set and define clear, reasonable project goals and designate staff to create required content and coordinate the flow of information to your selected team. This will allow them to work smarter and faster, ultimately saving you time and money.

Then, as you begin interviews, consider the following to ensure a good partnership fit;

Do they exhibit similar values and behaviors as your team? Does their internal culture jive with yours?
Can they deliver on budget? What does their internal financial management look like? The ability to deliver perceived value at expected cost is a must for a happy, healthy relationship.

Are they able to demonstrate appropriate quality of work? It’s not imperative they have direct experience in your specific sector, but there’s a big difference in quality levels out there. You can't purchase a Mercedes Benz for the price of a VW bug. 

Do you trust them? Trust is something that’s built over time, but listen to your gut. Take time to call their client references and really listen. In the end, agencies have a reputation to keep up, just like you. Good reputations will stand apart from the crowd if you do your homework. 

Do they understand what drives your business/can you picture them as a partner?You want a passionate partner. If they truly understand what drives your business and put their heart and brain into your project there's a very high probability for success.

Will they challenge you? Success happens best in environments where both parties let the other do what they do best. The right partner will use experience and insight to proactively predict project pitfalls and be willing to provide alternatives. They’ll anticipate unmet requirements, push them to the next phase and provide counsel and expertise every step of the way. The most fruitful, long-lasting agency-client relationships are collaborative ones.

Craig Terrones

Craig Terrones Principal and Creative Director

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