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September 08, 2014

Create Success.

September, in many ways, is as much a start to something "new" as January 1st. Whether you're a part of the whole back-to-school dance or not, with the seasonal  change in weather and routine, September is the perfect month to reflect on goals and objectives, business and personal, and make what we like to refer to as a few, "3rd quarter tweaks." With four short months left in the year, it's a great time to review January goals and possibly embark on that project you really wanted finished this calendar year. At Graphica, we routinely include a look at our level of creativity in this review, the cornerstone of our business.

It turns out creativity isn't just for "creative people." Research has shown that having some level of regular creativity in your life and work can make you more productive, happier and successful overall. This month, we queried a few of our favorite designers about how they consciously bring creativity into their lives.


Get out. Nature inspires creativity like nothing else. Take a walk, schedule outside time during the weekend, change up your daily routine. One designer we know joined a cooperative farm. Between planting and harvesting, she spends a few hours each month literally in the dirt. Another has inked in late afternoon walks for himself during the week. Moving your body increases creativity and alters brain synapes. You'll return to your chair refreshed and recharged, with new ideas. Though it may seem unproductive, planning a little physical time into your daily schedule will in fact, increase overall productivity.

Get messy. The same designer who joined the community farm is also participating in the farm's pickling project, and has been learning the fine art (or is it science?) of pickling all things vegetable. The simple act of making something with your hands can inspire creativity. The "something" doesn't have to be anything huge. It can be as simple as keeping a doodle pad, mind puzzles, or a stack of origami paper next to your desk, or as industrious as building those garage shelves you've been hankering for. Our creative director, Craig Terrones, has been taking glass-blowing classes. So go ahead, make that mixed berry cobbler with the last of the summer's berries. We promise nobody will judge you. Have fun with it.


Get a muse (or three). Create a list of inspiring books to read (and set a schedule for yourself to read them by), build a list of blogs to follow, set aside a few minutes each day to absorb inspiration from others who are bringing creativity into their lives via one way or another. Tumblr and Pinterest are two of the favorite go-to places among the Graphica Inc group. You'll be surprised by how much creativity is out there once you start looking.

So, we challenge you. Inspire us. We'd love to see what you create. Share your photos @ https://www.facebook.com/graphicainc

Should one tickle our fancy, we might even feature it in a future post.

Craig Terrones

Craig Terrones Principal and Creative Director

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